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As a CEO or department manager, you are confronted with new challenges every day, in an increasingly complex context and rapidly evolving environment. In addition to your usual tasks, often you also need to spend a lot of time securing the company’s future by optimizing processes and providing people with the newest skills.

What exactly do we do?

Antwerp Management School develops services that are tailored specifically to your company or organization. Our goal is to support growth ambitions, boost corporate insights and stimulate performance. Our ‘tailored solutions’ consist of tailor-made training programs, consultancy projects or research projects, depending on what is most indicated in your context. We focus on the organization as a whole, on specific teams and on the individual team members. Below are some examples to get inspired.

1. Tailor-made training programs

Your question is the central point and together with you, our experts build a trajectory embedded in the specific reality of your organization. In-company training is not only interesting for complex challenges, but also if you want to train several employees of your organization on one particular theme.

AMS tailor-made for Grant Thornton

AMS tailor-made for AZ Klina

AMS tailor-made for AZ Klina

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2. Consultancy projects

Our master’s students can help you review your current strategies and develop new possibilities and solutions. Teams of carefully selected students will work intensively on your company’s challenges (guided by our faculty) and deliver an exhaustive report with new insights and practical recommendations.

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3. Research projects

Your organization is contacted about a certain issue or is facing a challenge that little has been written about so far? In that case, the research project offers interesting opportunities. Antwerp Management School supports business in many different sectors to generate applicable insights.

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How do we work?

Our expertise centers and development advisers have ample experience with a wide range of current issues and themes.
We will give your organization all the guidance and input to build a tailor-made trajectory together through:

  • organizing strategic sessions and/or workshops;
  • building management programs around specific issues;
  • setting up development programs for (future) managers and leaders;
  • developing personal leadership trajectories;
  • offering inspiring keynotes by our experts.

Our expertise

  • Managing and directing change
  • Leadership development for next generation leaders and managers
  • Cooperation in an international context
  • Organizational development & teambuilding
  • Personal leadership trajectories
  • Business Leadership & Strategy
  • Smart mobility
  • Sustainable transformation
  • Design Thinking & Service Design
  • Business Design & Innovation
  • IT Architecture & Alignment


Why is AMS your best choice?

We develop the appropriate solution for your organization. Discover why Esterline, the City of Antwerp, Janssen and many others have turned to AMS.

  • AMS develops tailor-made programs that respond to your specific needs, so the knowledge transfer is always relevant and leads to results in the short and long term.
  • Per trajectory we always select a specific team of knowledge experts and development advisers.
  • In consultation with you, they connect content, process and context to let your organization excel in its ambitions.
  • We carefully choose our experts for their (practical) knowledge, their academic curriculum, their innovative insights and their passion to share this knowledge with others.

  • We bundle and integrate knowledge across our different areas of expertise and where needed we complement this with the assistance of external expertise.
  • We give you a clearer view on operational management and corporate development. Our solutions really intervene in your business and offer a change perspective on an organizational as well as an individual level.
  • Our solutions to your specific question allow your organization to offer the necessary knowledge and competence acquisition on a team level, which leads to a stronger integration.
  • We have a client-centered approach that focuses on sustainable development processes. We remain involved and approachable.

A team of 14 senior managers of 5 different nationalities that presents itself as one unit with a single vision. It seemed like an impossible task. However, the off-site project proposed by AMS turned out to be feasible after all and instead became a new reality with a tangible impact. The AMS team was visibly present at carefully chosen moments. This fostered openness amongst the participants and a spontaneous drive. The awareness of our values in life and entrepreneurship, now and later, is a resounding success!

Catherine Heyman 
HR Manager @ Esterline Belgium

AMS had already proven to be a reliable partner with in-house as well as readily available external expertise. The intense coaching, the immaculate environment and the strong interaction between the academic part and the practical part proved to be, for the fourth consecutive time, a huge added value for the city. The participants gained a well-founded but practice-oriented curriculum and the result was a more efficient and effective operation. The outcome was therefore not limited to just the participants themselves: the trajectory is an added value felt throughout the entire group and even with our clients.

Tom Braem
Consultant Social Administration @ City of Antwerp

AMS’ expertise in mobility and their client-centered approach are really unique and proved to be a huge added value for embedding the insights in our organization. The AMS Expertise Centers Smart Mobility and Business Design & Innovation joined forces to literally help us move ahead. We gained useful insights in our employees’ behavior and needs and wants. It was an inclusive trajectory; employees felt they were heard, and management is behind it 100%. We are on the right track.

Erik Present
Director Medical Affairs @ Janssen


Let’s look together at what is possible

Do you have questions about the possibilities for your company or the needs of your organization? Get in touch with our development adviser Colette Pauwels.

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