Executive Master in Wealth and Estate Management


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About the program

Wealthy individuals are more than ever looking for educated experts who can guide them to structure their assets. Financial planning is the method of choice to make statements about acquiring, maintaining and securing the financial independence of people.

In the part-time Executive Master in Wealth and Estate Management, you learn to master the legal, fiscal, social and economic aspects that are relevant for an optimal capital structure. Indeed, financial independence can be guaranteed only when all domains are aligned.

The program is designed so that you can follow the entire Master in a flexible manner. It’s your choice: register for the two-year program or start with one module and enroll later for one or more other modules.

Learning objectives

  • Interdisciplinary knowledge in the fields of law, fiscal, social and economic issues.
  • The ability to establish a cash flow planning from an asset inventory and a revenue and expense analysis report.
  • Assess and optimize private and professional asset objectives.
  • Gain insights into the elements that can influence the client’s investment strategies.
  • The knowledge to draw in powerful clients and build long-term relationships with them.

Would you like to master wealth and estate management?


This program is designed for professionals with a university degree and at least 3-5 years of relevant practical experience. We have developed a broad theoretical foundation that will allow you as a future Financial Planner to advise your client about financial independence. You can transform yourself optimally into a planner and an advisor. The program is designed around four basic modules: legal, economic, social and fiscal.

  • You learn how these fields influence one another and how optimizations throughout each of these segments have an effect.
  • You learn what impact an investment strategy has on financial independence.
  • You learn how to achieve fiscal data and actual values of social benefits and contributions and how to interpret these.
  • You develop your own calculation tool to calculate an entire financial planning.


Profile of past editions





Average age



  • Economics profile: 26%
  • Legal profile: 26%
  • Social profile: 13%
  • Other: 35%




Executive Master in Personal Financial Planning is a master-after-master program recognized by the Flemish Government. After successful completion of the exams and the Master Project you will be awarded the degree ‘Executive Master in Personal Financial Planning’.

Upcoming events

The AMS alumni association MPFP, FINCLUB, invites you to an interesting debate with Jan Longeval, author of the book “God dobbelt niet op de beurs”, on the 23th of May at Antwerp Management School. Click here for more info

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Need advice in selecting the right program? I'm here to help.


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Need advice in selecting the right program?
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