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Mission of the expertise center

The expertise center Sustainable Transformation Lab focuses on shifting business from incremental to transformative action, in response to global social and environmental challenges.

Sustainable Transformation, as we see it, is about a journey of fundamental change toward a high-synergy society, integrated economy and flourishing ecosystem, guided by the principles of economic continuity, technological networking, social equity, ecological restoration and personal wholeness.

In particular, our work in sustainable transformation rests on four pillars:

Positive Futures (the “why?” of the sustainable transformation agenda): Creating a better future (more secure, smart, shared, sustainable and satisfying) by tackling systemic global challenges (including disruption, disconnection, disparity, destruction and discontent)

Integrated Value (the “what?” of the sustainable transformation agenda): Expanding concepts and measures of value creation (including human, economic, technological, social and natural value) across multiple capitals and integrating these throughout society and within organizations

Meaningful Innovation (the “how?” of the sustainable transformation agenda): Finding creative, scalable solutions for our most urgent social and environmental problems, using innovative strategies, business models, products and services

Purposeful Leadership (the “who?” of the sustainable transformation agenda): Developing inspiring, transformational leaders who have a meaningful response to society’s challenges with a systemic, disruptive, inclusive, sustainable and ethical approach

We apply insights from these four focus areas to the five elements of the Nexus Economy, namely the economic trends and emerging business models around resilience, exponential, access, circular and wellbeing economies (see more information under Solutions).

Main activities 
Corporate Leadership Groups

Business action groups that look at present-day issues in the global society, discuss how to address them & take action to help create tomorrow’s...

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October 18, 2018
Nearly half of our student base volunteered to become an ambassador for the SDGs

For the 3rd consecutive year we launched the SDG Student Ambassador Campaign and we set a new record. Nearly 100 students (almost half of our student...


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