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The Business Design & Innovation topic keeps you informed about current trends in strategic innovation, entrepreneurship and the creation of new business models. Our programs help to ensure that innovation through design can blossom in your organization. Tailor-made advice, inspiring speakers and courses will get you on your way.


Master Class Business Design Thinking

One of the most important aspects of Design Thinking is the centralization of customers. But we go further: learn and dare to innovate in complex situations by applying Design Thinking in your company.

Start date: 17/10/2019
Duration: Short 1-15 days
Language: Dutch

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What is innovation?

Innovation is the process of translating an idea or an invention into goods or services that create added value or for which customers are willing to pay. Where creativity is thinking of something new, innovation is the implementation of something new. In the organizational context, innovation is synonymous with risk-taking and linked to positive changes in efficiency, productivity, quality, competitiveness and market share.

What is innovation management?

Innovation in business, whether it’s technological innovation, product innovation or organizational innovation, requires creativity and research. Both have to be channeled through well thought-out innovation processes and change management to achieve a sustainable innovation that benefits the business as well as its employees and customers. Innovation management uses specific tools to guide these processes, which ultimately leads to a more competitive organization.

What is design?

Design is a term that covers a vast range of concepts. We like to keep it simple: design = making something better for someone.

We can also give you the longer version: design is a multidisciplinary process in which creativity, conceptual thinking, continuous verification of development phases, focus on people, design thinking and a perfect balance between technological, economic and human factors lead to industrially relevant, meaningful and sustainable innovations.

What is Design Thinking?

Design Thinking is a mindset for innovation, supported by tools and methods. This approach can be used in any type of innovation project, whether it is products, services or an organization. Design Thinking allows you to generate solutions for problems, even in the most complex environments. Design Thinking is based on an human-centered approach that designers use while they develop products and services. It combines an open, creative mind with goal-oriented processes.

What is Service Design?

Service design is the activity of organizing and planning a service in order to determine or improve the quality of the service for the customer while ensuring the service is sustainable and competitive for the service provider. Service design often focuses on the interaction between customers and service providers, as user-friendliness and relevance are important for the customer, and cost-efficiency and customer satisfaction are the service provider’s goal

What is Product Design?

In today’s highly competitive world, the design of products is a meticulous process of creativity combined with thorough investigation on a product’s form, function and usability, as well as its innovative value. Product designers need to ensure a product meets the requirements of an increasingly demanding clientele while staying one step ahead of the competition. Product design goes hand in hand with industrial design, as both need multidisciplinary teams and an integrated approach.

What is Industrial Design?

Product design becomes increasingly more important, as customers are more demanding, competition gets fiercer and digitalization of the global market opens up new sales channels. Through industrial design, companies have multidisciplinary teams working on the research and development of innovative products for mass production. The goal of industrial design is to optimize the functionality, value and appearance of products for the mutual benefit of user and vendor.

What is Behavioral Design?

Behavioral Design is the application of behavioral sciences – cognitive neuroscience, behavioral economics and proven experiments conducted by scientists around the world – to change human behavior. Behavioral Design is a high-impact, low-cost way of nudging people to take the desired action. It is applied to solve challenges related to consumer behavior, organizational behavior and public behavior. Behavioral Design can make a big difference in changing behavior, increasing revenues and reducing costs.

What is disruptive innovation?

Disruptive innovation, a term of art coined by Clayton Christensen, describes a process by which a product or service takes root initially in simple applications at the bottom of a market and then relentlessly moves up market, eventually displacing established competitors.

What is a Business Model Canvas?

A Business Model Canvas provides the specific building blocks needed to design or rethink a company’s business model, based on the fact that all businesses are built around similar concepts, such as value proposition, infrastructure, customers and finances. Different types of business models exist and digital transformation of the business world has led to a shift in the design of business models; an internet business does not work the same way a corner shop does.

How do I build a Customer Journey?

A Customer Journey starts as soon as a customer becomes aware of a product or service. Mapping the Customer Journey means you think about all the steps a customer goes through in engaging with the company and the product/service and look at how you can optimize each step. Gathering info on the Customer Journey can be done internally, through brainstorming, but interaction with the customer, such as surveys or one-on-one interviews, provides a better insight in which touchpoints are most important and which channels need improving.

What is exponential entrepreneurship?

Exponential entrepreneurship aims at establishing a future proof company that has the adoption of new technologies and business models in its core. Exponential entrepreneurs identify relevant technologies and business models and translate these into a smart strategy. They also identify and attract the necessary skills and capacities in order to realize a transformation. These companies are future proof because they are agile in all processes (innovation, development, processing, sales…).

Exponential entrepreneurship is not equal to digital transformation, but stretches further and introduces critical thinking, creativity, exponential thinking to its core processes

Which specific questions can I ask the Expertise Center Business Design & Innovation?

Some examples of typical questions:

  • How can I generate new ideas and select the correct ones?
  • How can I protect my new idea, product or service?
  • Which prototyping techniques are suitable for my product?
  • How do I write the perfect design brief?
  • Are there any interesting tools for the design process in our organization?
  • How can I improve the user experience for my services or products?

Can the Expertise Center BDI help me with the design of new products or services?

The Expertisecentrum Business Design & Innovatie (BDI) acts as a coach for design projects. From the start, a BDI advisor follows and steers the product or service development project through regular work sessions. BDI helps with the project planning and the introduction of an overall approach, they indicate how to ask the right questions and make the right choices.

Can the Expertise Center BDImake my design team more efficient?

BDI can coach, support and train members of the design team during several work sessions. We assist them with defining tasks, simultaneous planning of different projects and the introduction of an overall approach. New tools, techniques and methods are taught. BDI can also act as a ‘sparring partner’: go through ongoing projects together and give tips on how to improve things.

Which grants for innovation can I apply for?

Within the realm of sustainable enterprise, businesses can apply for an innovation grant to get that extra breathing space needed to invest time in research and development of innovative solutions. There are several options for businesses in Flanders to obtain government grants. SME’s can apply for an innovation grant from the kmo-portefeuille. These grants are allocated per calendar year.


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The Expertise Center Business Design & Innovation develops competencies and tools for product and service development, design and design management for B2C and B2B businesses in a variety of sectors. Through scientific and applied research, the knowledge platform supports businesses in a variety of sectors in their search for new business models. On top of that, the knowledge and competencies will help businesses gear their innovation towards different technological, economic and societal trends.

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