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Human Resources Management and organizational change: every company has to deal with it. Current developments have an immediate impact on business. The New Way of Working concept is one of these contemporary hot topics. Our HRM and Organizational Change courses offer you state-of-the-art knowledge. The professors and researchers are known for their accurate knowledge and experience in the field.


Human Resource Management

An interest in the people that make up an organization? Do you have ambitions for a leadership position? Participate in our Master in HRM!

Start date: 26/08/2019
Duration: Long: 1 year (full-time masters)
Language: Dutch

Master Class HRM

Our master class in HRM is a program to grow to the complete HR generalist.

Start date: October 22, 2019
Duration: Short 1-15 days
Language: Dutch

Frequently Asked Questions

What is HRM?

Human Resources Management helps to develop the business by designing and implementing strategies for people management, talent management, and performance management, resulting in higher job satisfaction, better performance and a workforce that is better prepared for future challenges. Building adequate competence profiles is important to find the ideal match between jobs and people. Recruiting the best staff and talent retention is imperative for any business that wants to stay competitive.

Which are the specific activities of the HR department?

Human Resources is the umbrella term for the activities of a company focusing on employee-related matters. These include activities pertaining to an individual employee, such as recruitment and selection, training, assessment and performance appraisals, payroll, benefits and pension, but also broader activities such as talent management, organizational change, HR strategy, labor policies and labor law. The ultimate goal of a HR department is to provide the organization with the best possible workforce.

What is the difference between a HR Manager and a People Manager?

A people manager is closely involved with the people working in a team. They act as a coach and a contact person for anything related to the specific tasks an employee is involved in. As they know first-hand how an employee functions, they are often also the best person to conduct performance appraisals.

The HR manager is obviously also working on employee matters, but is more concerned with the overall picture, managing the employee lifecycle from entry to exit. HR Managers design and implement the policies needed for employees to thrive in the organization.

What is sustainable work?

In today’s demanding world, organizations become increasingly aware of the need for work-life balance and new ways of working, such as the home office and teleworking. In innovative organizations, the Human Resources focus is not only on productivity, but on employee fulfillment and how to prevent burn-outs, how to deal with an ageing workforce, how to integrate millennials into the workforce. Thought leaders such as Peggy De Prins are shaping the future of jobs through new insights on labor relations and by providing elements for a new social dialogue.

How can organizations deal with change?

Change is the only constant in today’s business world. The increasing demand for flexibility and adaptability calls for solid change management. Change managers play an important role, as they lead an organization through the turmoil of change and provide strategies and change processes to help people deal with organizational change. Project managers constantly adjust to changes and need thorough knowledge and training in project management to keep a clear view on organizational changes and how they impact the processes.

What is HR Analytics?

Human Resource Analytics refers to applying analytical processes to the HR department with the aim of improving employee performance. Specific HR software and tools are used to capture data that measure employee performance. Analysis of the data allows an organization to optimize its workforce. The challenge with HR analytics is that the data is often scattered over multiple places and in different formats, so finding the right HR software to help your company get an optimal return on investment on its human capital is the first big step to successful HR Analytics.

What is the purpose of career counseling?

Career counseling helps people throughout the different phases of their career to find the best next job step for them. Companies are presented with new challenges, such as the ageing workforce, and employees increasingly value job content and job satisfaction. Thanks to career counseling, companies experience lower absenteeism due to bore-out or burn-out and people have a better chance of reintegration into the workforce after raising a child or taking a sabbatical. Career counselors also guide people in finding the work environment that best fits their skillset and personality.


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The Expertise Center Next Generation Work researches the future of our labor organization. Together with our partners we create a sustainable vision on HRM, work, careers and organizations, based on a number of principles that constitute the leitmotiv in our research, as well as on our own performance. In this respect, the vision of all stakeholders and a co-creative approach are important factors.

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